How the Unconscious Mind Can Act Out Our Prejudices

Came across this book excerpt during my daily news reading:

“What would be remarkably instructive in real life is if women in various professions could experience life as men, and vice versa. If the same person got treated differently, we would be sure sexism was at work, because the only thing that changed was the sex of the individual and not his or her skills, talent, knowledge, experience, or interests. Individual human beings could become their own control groups… As it turns out, there are men who were once women, and women who were once men…

Overwhelmingly, the men told Schilt that they were being treated better than they’d been treated as women.

…becoming a woman often brings a loss of authority, harassment, and termination, but that for female-to-male workers, becoming a man often brings an increase in respect and authority. These findings . . . illustrate the often hidden and subtle processes that produce gender inequality.”

From: How the Unconscious Mind Can Act Out Our Prejudices

Good grief. 😦