Honey, I don’t feel so well… blaaaaaahhhg

I think the term “blog” stinks. It sounds like it doesn’t belong in an English dictionary and it makes me cringe every time I here it. How about “bjournal”? Ok, ok, that stinks too, but I’d like to think that the high quality online dialogue output I’ve been seeing is much more than the static Web Log from the early days. At the very least it’s real Op/Ed. So, how about “BOp/Ed”? 😉

Maybe it’s no longer necessary to point out whether something is online only, especially as some more established channels, newspapers, are moving solely to a web presence. I guess one question is, when is a blogger (ugh) a journalist and vice-versa? I’m sure the newspaper folks will want to retain some kind of distinction for marketing purposes.

Any thoughts on a new term?