Waiting For A Change In The Weather

It’s supposed to snow again. Not lightly, but a lot. It’s late and it hasn’t started on schedule but that’s like a lot of things in life. So you wait. You want to be able to predict if your path will be crap or clear when you’re finally set to go.

Trees ad Snow

I’m waiting on a couple of things and I can feel the potential building. It’s in the pattern of events. Not a 100% guarantee mind you, could just as easily deflate, but like the smell of snow, change is in the air. i’m smelling beneficial change for me, but we’ll see. Ya’ just never know what your gonna’ get. Sleet, snow. rain, wintry mix… if you’re prepared at least snow can be fun and the rest not so bad. Definitely not getting rain, though. Plenty of that soon enough. Change is always coming.