REVIEW Color Me Obsessed: A Film About The Replacements (2011)

Color Me Obsessed: A Film About The Replacements (2011)

Sigh. Oh, heavy sigh.
The original movie concept was to include lots of music and this production has absolutely zero. Although I really like the interviews as a means of comprehensively relating the band’s history it would’ve been nice to have integrated song clips when songs are called out. Also, interviews with The Replacements would’ve been awesome.

From IMDB:

While Hansi Oppenheimer came up with the original idea to do a fan-based film about The Replacements, her film included the band’s music, photos and video clips. Once director Gorman Bechard took over the production, he used none of Oppenheimer’s footage and completely started over from scratch, keeping only the film’s name and the concept of interviewing fans. And in pure Replacements fashion, he also tossed aside the idea of using any music, photos or clips of the band and decided that the film would now be a serious look at the band’s history from start to finish, as well as a study of how the right band can change one’s life, as seen solely through the eyes of not only fans, but critics, contemporaries, and those influenced by The Replacements. There is no music in the film, nor are there any interviews with the band members, or any clips of live performances, solely because Bechard wanted none in the film. That a music doc without music had never been made is what truly excited the director about the project.

Clearly this was on track to be as great as the recent Bob Marley doc but the expectation that Answering Machine, Bastards of Young (with real official music video!), or I Will Dare is going to kick in never gets fulfilled. Should I be glad that a documentary got made at all? Will this band ever get justice?