Challenge: What Can I Write In 15 minutes…

Pretty good day today in the city. Day 300 for me or thereabouts since moving in with the gf. Mostly moving in. Still closing out my apartment back in the Garden State… which I know I will miss terribly although I never really made it much of a home due to bouts of unemployment interleaved with bouts of being out in the city… err, trying to socialize. I’ll miss the convenient, and free, outdoors. In the city it’s much more limited and typically comes with a price tag.

It was a pretty good day in the sense that it was hot and dry, no clammy humidity turning my shirt into something with the weight of a bullet proof jacket… and the things that bug me about it didn’t bug me as much. Yeah I had to walk through a cloud of pungent urine vapor in the same stretch of blocks on Henry Street, but at least today I didn’t see the guy responsible for it (Pee-Pee Man). Other days I’ve had to see him in action. Who pees on a mailbox in broad daylight? Further on my trip through Chinatown I noticed the absence of the usual smoking china boys with their angry anime hair styles. I swear, some days it’s like your endlessly trailing smoker after smoker. But not today. Even the fish stalls weren’t as odiferous as usual (I’m very smell oriented so this particularly kills me). But today was not so bad. Oh, and today I ended a job that I was glad that I had but it was time to move on.

Below is a pretty picture I took while on vacation recently.

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