Test For Echo

Quite by accident I’ve hit on a strategy where I can test someone for the presence of a trait or traits that I like. Or I think I can – let’s say it’s in pilot. I can then filter appropriately and /or set my expectations based on their response. I’m quite pleased with this realization, although I doubt it will change much of anything in dating terms, it’s at least an added dimension and keeps things fun. Very important that it be fun.

Let me back up a bit:
I’ve determined that I’d be much happier with someone creative or with some kind of passion for something than not. A person who’s moderate though, not the super-extreme ones like poets whose sentences can be so over worded and pregnant with multiple meaning, yet steady meter(!), that I have no idea what they’re trying to say. Are we going out now or do you want a ham sandwich? I shit you not. I’m not saying that’s right or wrong but how I respond to it is an indication of how different I may be – I’m setting their expectation.

From this I connected dots and came up with with my own call and response. It’s as simple as you feed them something you’re passionate about then wait to see if they respond with some similar work or something else they have the same level of interest in, or if they merely say, “Hey that’s fantastic”! Please don’t read me wrong, compliments are always appreciated (a sale is even better!) but I know now that if I get the latter response a whole lot of other things I like aren’t going to be present.

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