Auld Lang Syne

Last night, after an evening already filled with phenomenal music, I heard a band that was pretty damn remarkable. I was heading for my exit at about 2:30a and decided to get a pastry at Sugar Cafe. Walking past Rockwood Music Hall it occurred I could pop in to sit (it was not at it’s usual max occupancy level), leave crumbs, and hear some music…

Auld Lang Syne

The song North Carolina floored me with its haunting harmonies. This particular track is like Sufjan Stevens went west in the way it unfolds.

Everything was sung, played and arranged just right and I couldn’t point to a single song that I thought was a clunker or throw away. I bought their CD, Midnight Folly and it’s… a pretty damn fine recording. I don’t know how else to put that. Sometimes great live acts put out crap recordings but Midnight Folly ain’t that case.

My only regret is these guys live up around Rochester so their visits to The City (NYC) may be like a visit from Halley’s comet. 😦

One can hope! 🙂