Bad Experiences and Wishful Thinking

I Think I am Going to Become a “Dog Lady”…

So I read this post this morning (I actually got there via a LinkedIn writers group I’m a member of) about a first telephone call. Let’s just say the dude was awash in testosterone and bad technique… I was, typically, sympathetic with the woman, yet also annoyed.

I mean, it sounds like one painfully horrendous conversation from the get go and the guy sounds absolutely creepy. I’m curious, why didn’t she just hang up the phone sooner!? Given that he’s a stranger I figure he moved beyond any allowance for courtesy or mutual respect when he pursued a conversation path that she said no to. I suspect if it should happen again she will. It’s hard to pull new techniques/strategies in the heat of battle. Shrug.

“… They are nothing more than adolescents in adult bodies who have no respect for others’ boundaries and aren’t smart enough to realize that that type of behavior will get them nothing more than a series of one night stands and likely something that they will never get rid of (nice), which will make it even more difficult for them to satisfy those out of control sexual urges” – That’s not me so I’m not offended but that is some pretty mean wishful thinking. I wouldn’t equate someone’s desire to have sex with different partners and not get into an LTR with an inability to practice safe sex. Even if he sounds like a rabid wolf like this guy.

As we keep seeing, some dudes just aren’t built for monogamous LTR and end up jamming themselves into relationships they should never have gotten into because they let the people around them set their expectations. Then they violate a trust or otherwise fail at something they had no business trying to do in the first place. That’s a bad choice. Ok, a really bad choice.

Then, “10 Reasons I Would Rather Have a Dog Than a Man “. Uh hu. I appreciate how easy it is to get unconditional love from a dog but it’s pretty slavish and I can’t imagine ever getting that from a person I consider an equal or otherwise has an adult capacity for intelligence.

Granted this writer’s just venting but I’m confused about how a gameless bum like that even got on the phone with her to begin with.

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