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In the course of internet questing you can be doggedly looking for one thing and find something completely different and with a value you can’t ignore.

This blog, “Fraudulent Living” is such a thing.

It was begun in December 2008 judging from the archive depth.

The site header:

Your life is an exercise in balance. How close to rock-bottom can you hover without ever actually getting there? This is a question you strive to answer every day as you make your way clumsily through life. It’s a question that underlines all the decisions you make, both big and small, from who to date to how to manage your meager finances to what poisonous substances to consume. It’s what keeps you up at night and what feeds your generalized anxiety disorder as well as your myriad, troubling addictions. This question is really the ultimate goal of your whole life.

Lucky for you, Fraudulent Living is here to show you the way. The true way. The way of the neurotic, self-obsessed, success-avoiding loser. It’s time to quit pussyfooting around and do this for real.

That’s right, “pussyfooting.”

Welcome to Fraudulent Living.

The tone is consistently dark and acerbic, to an unreal degree, and although the content may not be for everyone I think it’s well executed.  Without checking for the author’s alias I would never have been able to discern the posts were written by more than one person.  In fact there are two ciphers, Flife and Elrian.  Naught else is revealed.  Mysterious.

From “Birthdays”

Once a year you’ll have to deal with your birthday. You don’t hate your birthday because it marks a year of getting older and, therefore, closer to death. No. You hate your birthday because everyone you know gets weird around you that day and tries to give you things. Since receiving a gift is on the same anxiety level for you as receiving blood test results, your birthday should be something you dread, mentally avoid and, ultimately, start lying to people about.

From “Regret”

Of course, romantic relationships are the easiest and best places to overflow your life with regret. Let’s say you meet someone online; make sure you openly profess your admiration and love before ever meeting them for real. Then, when you meet them in person and equate the experience with double-ended food poisoning, think back to the ridiculously glowing emails you sent and regret every action that led to your parents meeting, getting married, and deciding not to abort you. Essentially, you should regret getting into relationships, continuing relationships, and then getting out of relationships. And then, later, getting back into the relationships you already got out of once.

Unique.  What’s not to love!  Check it out.  🙂

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