Bombs Away – The sweet, sweet, smell of failure

This story Bad Decisions / Rolling Mistakes reminded me of when I totally bombed on connecting with a lady at a place out on Houston.  I had already dismissed her earlier on when I saw she was out with two other friends, plus I was initially there with a female friend of my own and was, ya know, tryin’ to be respectful and staying focused on her ’cause she was going through some stuff.  Also, I don’t know how to break in on a friend group like some other dudes I know so I called the game on account of rain.  But then my female bff left to be replaced by a buddy who was ghosting through the area.  I guess that’s when things changed.  
The first time she smiled my way I was all like, well, la-de-da, that’s nice and went back to my conversation… then the second time, when she turned almost 180 degrees away from her friends to look my way, I was like… oh, the game is afoot!  (Yeah, I sound like that in real life, surprised I’m single?  lol) Unfortunately, the clock ran down before I could get a plan together with my buddy and they split while I looked on forlornly. I’m sure it would’ve made for a good photo.  Funny thing is once I clued my bud in he was all over it and knew exactly what we should’ve done!  Proof is in the puddin’ but I may have to nominate him for The Wingys – the wingman award.  😉 Anyway, this does not happen to me often, which is why I pretty much had no response and lost an opportunity to meet someone who may’ve been awesome. Ya’ live and learn. Sigh.

3 thoughts on “Bombs Away – The sweet, sweet, smell of failure

  1. Yeah. That stuff’s tough to do when you’re not used to it. It’s like the playoffs in professional sports. It’s all well and good in the regular season, but that extra pressure of the “unknown” of your season being entirely OVER if you lose this one game makes some guys completely unable to perform.

    In that particular case, you didn’t have to infiltrate the group. She was already looking at you, so the move was to look at her, look at some other location, look back at her, then get up and go over there yourself, away from where her friends are.

    If she can’t get that as a hint to meet you over there, she should still give another look to see where you went. That’s where a smile and/or a raised glass might get her ass in motion to come meet you and see what you have to say.

  2. Come on down to the NYC!!! I would hapilly be your wingman! I been known to hook dudes up with girls thay they didnt know where checking them out ONLY BECAUSE i knew some one would have to “babysit” that fine azz friend of hers. Your bud had the answer but he should have spotted the situation.

    Bills right, a simple look in the direction of “ur choosing” right before you actually start walking that way…

  3. Yup, yup!
    My buddy was gonna temporarily float off his perch to leave some space for her since the place was starting to pack up. The dumb thing was that I thought he was as clueless as I was. Failure to communicate. Day late, dollar short. I guess the upside is that we bonded over my failure and I learned I need to put some people on speed dial. 🙂

    Alrighty Frank, but I warn you it’s gonna’ be like an episode of Pinky and The Brain. 😀

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