What if… I owned my own country…

  1. Change my name to “Beef Wellington” – everyone who’s had it looooves beef wellington!  Ya cain’t go wrong with meat and pastry!  Plus it has a nice roll to it.  Beeeeef Well-ing-ton.
  2. Put my butt on my own dollar bill.  That’s right, all the folks that like to kiss their money will be kissing my …
  3. Hmmm… ban Hawaiian shirt days and Jimmy Buffet.  I dunno why but fugly shirts and fake reggae (feggae?) just irritate the hell outta me!  People really should know better.


What would you do?

3 thoughts on “What if… I owned my own country…

  1. Hello Danielle!
    Yah…. um, what? I admit number 1 was a throwaway but 2 and 3 I’m deadly serious about. Re: 3 – I’m guessing you’ve never had a Hawaiin shirt day at your place of work or had your peers go on and on about the wonders of Jimmy Buffet. Both groan worthy events, trust me. 😀

  2. uhm, I would outlaw those damn oversized bags that woman use. You know the ones… its like having extra breast and getting mad cause i bumped you! Woman forget that need to account for the size of the bag when they are trying to squeeze their dumab azzes in to a small spot.

    oh and..

    I would outlaw dollar bills!! lol

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