Bombs Away – The sweet, sweet, smell of failure

This story Bad Decisions / Rolling Mistakes reminded me of when I totally bombed on connecting with a lady at a place out on Houston.  I had already dismissed her earlier on when I saw she was out with two other friends, plus I was initially there with a female friend of my own and was, ya know, tryin’ to be respectful and staying focused on her ’cause she was going through some stuff.  Also, I don’t know how to break in on a friend group like some other dudes I know so I called the game on account of rain.  But then my female bff left to be replaced by a buddy who was ghosting through the area.  I guess that’s when things changed.  
The first time she smiled my way I was all like, well, la-de-da, that’s nice and went back to my conversation… then the second time, when she turned almost 180 degrees away from her friends to look my way, I was like… oh, the game is afoot!  (Yeah, I sound like that in real life, surprised I’m single?  lol) Unfortunately, the clock ran down before I could get a plan together with my buddy and they split while I looked on forlornly. I’m sure it would’ve made for a good photo.  Funny thing is once I clued my bud in he was all over it and knew exactly what we should’ve done!  Proof is in the puddin’ but I may have to nominate him for The Wingys – the wingman award.  😉 Anyway, this does not happen to me often, which is why I pretty much had no response and lost an opportunity to meet someone who may’ve been awesome. Ya’ live and learn. Sigh.

What if… I owned my own country…

  1. Change my name to “Beef Wellington” – everyone who’s had it looooves beef wellington!  Ya cain’t go wrong with meat and pastry!  Plus it has a nice roll to it.  Beeeeef Well-ing-ton.
  2. Put my butt on my own dollar bill.  That’s right, all the folks that like to kiss their money will be kissing my …
  3. Hmmm… ban Hawaiian shirt days and Jimmy Buffet.  I dunno why but fugly shirts and fake reggae (feggae?) just irritate the hell outta me!  People really should know better.


What would you do?