Why This Blog: Gimme Fiction

As an append to the “Why This Blog” post:

I reserve the right to use creative license anywhere I feel like throughout this site. The purpose is entertainment. Obviously it’s easier to write it from the point of view of a character I already know, which would be me, but Steve in real life and Steve in print are subtly different. As an example, one of them is a character that will never die so long as this domain is maintained. The other is a character who’s trying to write about a character. “I’m just a dude, playing a dude, who thinks he’s another dude” seems an appropriate quote from Robert Downey, Jr. via Tropic Thunder.

I don’t think anyone wants me to write about writing. I’m relatively ignorant on the subject from a formal point of view. Besides, I want to enjoy this journey too! Not pull it apart and analyze it like one of those old comedians who gets so very serious when they’re talking about comedy. Yes, creativity does take effort, but that’s not the part I want recognized. It’s all about the end result, baby. 🙂

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